Taba Medical Pharma (TMP) is one of the major Egyptian companies, founded in 1994 by Dr. Osama El Gayar & Dr. Ali Zarad and its mission is to supply veterinary products to improve the animal production in Egyptian Market, Africa & Middle East.

TMP operates in several segments of agribusiness such as: 

  1. Veterinary Pharmaceuticals & Feed Additives
  2. Veterinary Equipment
  3. Poultry House Equipment
  4. Hatchery Equipment & Spare Parts 
  5. Milking Equipment 
  6. Feed Machinery & Spare Parts
  7. Silos Engineering 
  8. Oils & Fats Extraction
  9. Starch & Glucose Processing Equipment

TMP is also the sole agent for a number of international companies in this field. In addition, TMP succeeded in opening new markets in Africa & Middle East.


We strive to bridge the gap between market requirements and quality in Egypt and Middle East with practical; Competitive priced products and professional services.


In the Future, we want to become one of the leading distributors in the Middle East in Agribusiness & Health field.


Trust: Trust of our customers is our goal.

Achievement: we committed to quality, after sale service & Spare parts.

Business ethics: Doing the right thing in decision, negotiation & communication.

Appropriate price: we committed to provide competitive price with high quality products.

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